How to find leads with active and past AI Bot conversations

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How to find leads with active and past AI Bot conversations



When utilizing the AI Bot to assist you with engaging with your online leads, you're going to be able to use filters to help identify the leads that perhaps have been in connection with the Bot and in conversation, as well as leads that may require some sort of follow up or intervention or intervene by yourself.

Step 1 First click on: Add filter item, then type in Bot, and then you're going to notice that there's two filters: Customer Care bot & Customer Care Bot Leads by State



1. With Customer Care Bot you are going to be able to pull up everyone that is:



  • Currently engaged with the AI bot
  • Has been engaged (But they're not active)
  • Or has never been engaged. 
In this example we can see that there are 6 leads that are currently engaged with the AI bot:


If you open any of these leads and go to the SMS tab, this little icon is also a clear indication that the Bot is responding on your behalf. 



Another filter that you can utilize as well is pulling up the ones that have never been engaged with the AI bot, or perhaps the ones that have been engaged but aren't currently active.


When it comes to those who have engaged with the AI bot but have not been active, you may want to see where the conversation left off and if there is something you can do on your end to re-engage the lead.


2. With Customer Care Bot Leads by State filter there's two options. 



  • Lead has been in "Interested" state
  • Lead has been in "Needs Follow Up" state


Lead has been in "Needs Follow Up" state: The Bot has identified that there is some sort of response in that conversation where the lead requires some level of follow up from you  whether it's reaching out to that person, sending listings, or adjusting their search criteria. The Bot identifies from the lead's responses that there is something that you may need to do on your behalf.


Lead has been in "Interested" state: These are the leads that are essentially engaged in conversation, and that have expressed some level of interest.


Some leads may fall or overlap in both those filters, but it's always a good idea to keep an eye on those conversations to help yourself determine: Should I be reaching out to this person and what Information, or resources I may be able to offer them at this time based on those Bot conversations. 


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