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Step 1 For those of you who have not yet downloaded the app, you're going to go into your App Store (or Google Play Store if you have an Android) and then you're going to search for AgentLocator.


Then you're simply going to download the app and make sure you turn on the push notifications so that you can be receiving different lead alerts.



Whenever you open the app, you will use the same login details as you would when you access your desktop CRM system.


When you do log in your call list will be visible.




In this call list, you can scroll down through the leads who are sorted by default by "date created" with your most recent lead being at the top of the list.


From this main dashboard you can view a variety of information about your lead.


- You can see where these leads are in your pipeline. So, this one on the screenshot above is, for example, a new lead

- You can see who the main agent is and the lead's contact details


- all their communication attempts along with their property views 


- you'll also be able to see the lead type




- and all the tags that are currently applied to this lead.


Before we jump into a lead, let's look at a couple of things, and that's the little menu options here down at the bottom, like shown in the screenshot below. 



So, the first option here is your home screen, which will always bring you back to homepage/main screen whenever you click on it.



2. The middle option here, this little calendar, is the task overview section.


This option is going to show you any tasks that are due today, overdue, or that are due tomorrow. 



3. This little envelope here is your notifications overview section. So, this is going to let you know of any inbound information that you should be aware of. 




That includes new lead registrations, SMSs that have come from leads, new e-mails, etc. 


For example, if you wanted to open up an SMS, you're just going to click on it, and it's going to pull up the message, to which you can reply to.



As you can see on the left, the AI Bot is enabled. 


For those of you who have the AI Bot, you can definitely disable it in the app if you want to. So, the Bot will help you pre-qualify your lead by asking questions. But if you want to take over those conversations, just click on the Bot itself, and it will ask you if you want to turn it off. 



After you complete that action, the Bot will be turned off. As you can see on the screenshot below, it just turned red.


On the bottom right corner is the hamburger menu. These three little dots are going to pull up your settings. You can go through your terms and conditions and how you want to communicate through the app.


For calls, text messages, and e-mails, in this example, we currently have the "Always Ask" option selected. This means that when you want to make a call from the app you can choose if you want to call from CRM app and have all your calls recorded. Or you can choose to call from your cell phone where the phone calls are not going to be recorded. You can select which one of these settings would be your default setting.


We definitely always recommend calling from the CRM system to make sure all your calls are logged and recorded. 

The same goes for SMS, you can choose if you want to send an SMS via the app or your direct number. Or if you want to send an e-mail through the app, or through your direct e-mail.

Remember, if you're already in communication with these leads through your Twilio number and you decide to reply to them from your cell phone, there's going to be some confusion because they're going to get a reply from you from a different number than the one they replied to. So, it's probably best and recommended to use CRM app when possible. 


Now let's return to the main screen so we can look at a couple of things. 


In the top left-hand corner are your saved filters. 



Where you can apply any of the pre-saved filters.



If you click on the lead itself, it's going to open up their profile where you can see and edit all the information about your lead.



Right below the tags, you will find the Activity button 



Once you click on it you will be able to see all listings that they viewed and liked.



You also have the Notes and Calls section so if you want to add a new note you can definitely do so.



If you go over to the SMS tab, you will be able to send text messages 



And if you click on plus sign, you'll be able to upload SMS templates that you might have. 



When you go back to the lead, and then back to the Info tab, if you wanted to call this lead, you can definitely do that by clicking on their phone number. Then you'll be asked if you want to call this lead from CRM or from Mobile.



After you log a call, it's going to ask you for the call result. Make sure you are indicating that because this will be connected to your pipeline, lead stats, and phone validity. In this example we'll choose Lead is not there as the call result.



 And then, of course, you can add notes and click on the Done button.



The same is true if we want to send a text message or an e-mail. It will ask if you want to send it from your mobile or from the CRM.


You are also able to edit the pipeline status, the type of lead, to assign that person to a new agent, as well as any other information. 




You can also edit the phone number and e-mail address directly from the backend. 



Most of you do a lot of your work on the go and on your phone, so this CRM app  is a great way for you to stay on top of our leads and make sure everything is logged and tracked, increasing your chances for success.


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