Feeds Update: New Search Option on Pillar 9

Updated :

This new feature will greatly enhance the property search capabilities for our users. We understand that finding the right property in the real estate industry requires access to comprehensive information. With that in mind, we have implemented a powerful search functionality that allows users to search by public remarks.


Users of the Pillar 9 MLS system can now refine their property search by utilizing the information available within the public remarks section. We recognize that certain criteria and details about a property may only be mentioned within the public remarks, which were previously inaccessible for search purposes. However, with this latest update, users can now leverage the content of public remarks to perform a more refined search.


By enabling the search by public remarks feature, we provide our users with a valuable tool to uncover properties that meet their specific criteria. Whether it’s unique selling points, special features, or other essential details mentioned in the public remarks section, this feature ensures that no valuable information is overlooked during the search process.


This enhancement will greatly benefit our users, allowing them to make more informed decisions based on a broader range of property attributes. It empowers real estate professionals and individuals to find properties that align with their needs and preferences.




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