Engaging leads with Bad phone number

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What to do with Bad phone numbers



In case you ever noticed that a lead provided a bad phone number, or they tell you their phone number is wrong, in addition to marking their phone number as invalid, you can assign these leads to Bad Phone Number e-mail campaign.


This campaign consists of different e-mails tested by our ISA Team.


Step 1 To assign this campaign, click on one of your leads with a bad phone number.


Step 2 Then navigate to the "E-Campaigns" section. 



Step 4 Look for the "Bad Number Campaign" and select it. 



Step 5 Lastly, Click on "Assign" to assign the campaign to the lead.


In case you'd like to check out the campaign first and possibly even modify some of the steps, go to "Settings" and then click on "Campaign Template Editor"



 Search for the "Bad Number Campaign".



And click on "Edit"



Here, you will find the individual emails that are being sent out



To edit a particular email, click on it. 



And see if there is something you'd like to modify.



You can also change the delay period.




Click on "Update Email Action" to save the changes.




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