Automatically Assigned Campaigns (buyer/seller/rental)

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Automatically Assigned Campaigns (buyer/seller/rental)




Once a lead registers on your website, not only will they automatically start receiving listings matching their search criteria, but the system will also follow up with them through SMS and emails on your behalf. 


To check the content of these text messages and emails, follow these steps:

Step 1 Go to "Settings" and click on "Campaign Template Editor".


Step 2 Type Buyer with APP Link


You will see two campaigns in the system: one named "with solds" and the other named "without solds". 



Choose the corresponding campaign based on your board and whether that board provides sold data.


  • If your board provides sold data, select the "with solds" campaign.
  • If your board does not provide sold data, select the "without solds" campaign.


For this example, we will edit the "with solds" campaign. 


Step 1 Click on the "Edit" button to access the campaign.


To view the content of text messages and emails click on any of the campaign steps.


You will be able to see the content of the text messages and emails on the right-hand side of the screen.



Click on the box where the message is displayed to update the content.


Click on "Update SMS Action" to save the changes.



Note: The campaign is automatically assigned to all buyer leads. If one of the leads responds to a text message, the AI Bot is going to engage and further qualify the lead. 


If the entire campaign, that lasts for months, is finished and the lead has not replied to any of the texts or emails, they will automatically be assigned to an Unresponsive campaign that is going to try to engage even the most unresponsive leads.

To update or check the content of the Unresponsive campaign, exit the buyer campaign.


Type in Unresponsive as shown on the screenshot below.



Click on "Edit" to view and modify individual steps of the campaign.




The campaign automatically assigned to Seller Leads is called New Seller Campaign Option 2



You can search for this campaign and make any necessary changes. 


Rental leads also have their own campaign, which you can find and customize accordingly. This campaign is assigned automatically to your rental leads.



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