CRM/CMS Update: Enhanced Unsubscribe Experience with Subscription Settings Page​

Updated :

We are pleased to announce a highly demanded feature in our AgentLocator platform that significantly improves the unsubscribe process and gives leads more control over their email communication preferences. With this update, when a lead clicks on the "Unsubscribe" link, they will no longer be directed to the old subscription page. Instead, they will be automatically redirected to the Subscription Settings page on your website, where they will have the ability to manage their subscription preferences conveniently.

Key Features:

Subscription Settings Page: Leads will be directed to the Subscription Settings page on your website upon clicking the "Unsubscribe" link. This page will provide a streamlined and user-friendly interface, allowing leads to make decisions regarding their email communication.

Granular Unsubscribe Options: On the Subscription Settings page, leads will have the option to choose between unsubscribing from all email communication or just specific saved searches. This granularity enables leads to tailor their preferences based on their specific interests.

Frequency Adjustment: In addition to unsubscribing or selecting specific saved searches to unsubscribe from, leads will have the option to adjust the frequency of emails they receive. This feature allows leads to decrease their email frequency instead of completely unsubscribing, ensuring they stay connected with your content while managing their inbox effectively.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Enhanced User Control: The Subscription Settings page empowers leads by providing them with control over their email communication preferences. They can easily manage their subscriptions and choose the level of engagement that suits their needs.
  • Streamlined Experience: By redirecting leads to the Subscription Settings page, we address previous concerns such as the presence of a large AgentLocator logo and the hidden 2-step process. This update ensures a seamless and transparent experience for leads.
  • Improved Communication Options: The ability to unsubscribe from specific saved searches and adjust email frequency offers leads more flexibility in managing their email preferences. This feature accommodates their evolving interests and reduces the likelihood of completely opting out.

We are confident that this upgrade will greatly improve the unsubscribe experience and address the concerns raised by leads regarding the previous subscription process. If you have any questions or need assistance in implementing this feature, please reach out to our support team.



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