CRM Update: Enhanced Lead Alert Settings in CRM​

Updated :

We are excited to announce a significant update to our CRM software, specifically to the Lead Alerts feature. With this update, we have introduced four new lead alerts, providing you with even more valuable insights into lead activities. These new alerts include Lead Unsubscribed, Lead Created a New Saved Search, Lead Submitted Questionnaire, and Lead Registration (moved from the Profile tab).

Key Enhancements:

Lead Unsubscribed Alert: This alert will notify you when a lead unsubscribes from your communication or marketing emails. It lets you stay informed about lead preferences and adjust your communication strategy accordingly.

Lead Created a New Saved Search Alert: This alert will notify you when a lead creates a new saved search within the CRM system. By receiving this alert, you can quickly identify leads who are actively searching for properties that match their criteria, enabling you to provide timely and relevant assistance.

Lead Submitted Questionnaire Alert: This alert will notify you when a lead submits a questionnaire. This helps you identify leads who have engaged with your questionnaires, allowing you to prioritize follow-up and tailor your communication based on their responses.

Lead Registration Alert (moved from Profile tab): This alert will notify you when a lead completes the registration process, providing their contact information and potentially indicating a higher level of interest. By receiving this alert, you can promptly follow up with the lead and provide personalized assistance.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Improved Lead Insights: With these new lead alerts, you gain deeper insights into lead activities and engagement. By staying informed about lead unsubscribes, saved searches, questionnaire submissions, and registrations, you can proactively respond to their needs and preferences.
  • Timely Follow-up: The alerts enable you to prioritize your follow-up efforts based on lead activities. By receiving real-time notifications, you can reach out to leads promptly, ensuring timely and personalized interactions.
  • Enhanced Lead Management: The additional lead alerts contribute to a more comprehensive lead management process within the CRM system. They provide valuable information that helps you nurture leads, optimize conversions, and build stronger relationships.



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