CMS Update for Developers: Enhanced Sharing To Social Media Platforms with CMS Site Manager​

Updated :

With the addition of head content options in the Page Settings, agents now have the ability to upload a link to an Open Graph (OG) image of their choice. This uploaded image will be displayed as a thumbnail when the page link is shared on social media platforms, enabling agents to create impactful and engaging social media advertisements.

Key Features:

OG Image Upload: In the Page Settings of the CMS Site Manager, agents can now upload a link to an OG image of their choice. The OG image serves as a thumbnail when the page link is shared on social media platforms.

Improved Social Media Advertisements: By having control over the OG image, agents can optimize the visual representation of their shared links on social media. This feature enables them to create more compelling and attention-grabbing advertisements, ultimately driving increased engagement and click-through rates.

OG:title and OG:image: We have added the necessary fields for agents to input the OG:title (the title of the shared link) and OG:image (the URL of the uploaded OG image) in the Page Settings. This ensures that agents can customize both the visual and textual aspects of their social media advertisements.

Important: Please contact our Support at for assistance in changing your thumbnail images.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Enhanced Social Media Presence: By utilizing the OG image and customizing the OG:title, agents can establish a strong visual and textual presence when their page links are shared on social media. This feature maximizes the impact of their advertisements and increases brand visibility.
  • Improved Ad Engagement: The ability to upload a customized OG image allows agents to capture the attention of social media users and entice them to click on their shared links. This drives higher engagement and increases the likelihood of conversions and interactions with their website content.
  • Tailored Advertisements: The OG image upload feature enables agents to align their social media advertisements with their branding and marketing strategies. They can select images that best represent their listings, services, or brand identity, resulting in more consistent and cohesive advertising efforts.


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