CMS Update: Enhanced Sorting Order in CMS Site Manager​

Updated :

We are excited to introduce a highly anticipated feature in our CMS Site Manager that offers greater flexibility and customization options for sorting listings. With the addition of a "Sort by" setting to the Listing widget settings, agents can now choose from various sorting options, including Newest, Oldest, Price high to low, and Price low to high. This update empowers agents to customize the sorting order, enhancing the user experience for website visitors.

Key Features:

"Sort by" Setting: The Listing widget settings in the Site Manager now include a "Sort by" option. Agents can access this setting and choose their preferred sorting order for listings displayed on the website.

Sorting Options: Agents can select from a range of sorting options, including:

Newest: This option displays the newest listings first, allowing users to see the most recent properties available.

Oldest: This option displays the oldest listings first, providing users with a historical view of available properties.

Price high to low: This option arranges listings in descending order based on price, showcasing higher-priced properties first.

Price low to high: This option arranges listings in ascending order based on price, showcasing lower-priced properties first.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Enhanced User Experience: By introducing the "Sort by" setting, agents can tailor the sorting order of listings to match the preferences and needs of website visitors. This customization improves the user experience and facilitates an intuitive and personalized property search journey.
  • Improved Property Visibility: The ability to choose different sorting options enables agents to showcase listings strategically. Whether focusing on the latest additions, historical listings, or specific price ranges, agents can optimize the visibility of properties to align with their marketing strategies.
  • Agent Control and Flexibility: With this feature, agents gain control over the presentation of listings on their website, providing a more tailored and engaging experience for visitors. Customizing the sorting order enhances their ability to highlight specific properties and attract potential clients.



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