Improved Property Search with Total Bedrooms in TRREB Feed

Updated :

We are excited to introduce a highly requested feature to our TRREB feed, enhancing the property search experience for both clients and agents. With the addition of the "Total Bedrooms" filter, clients can now search for properties based on the total number of bedrooms they have. This feature streamlines the search process and provides agents with more flexible search options.

Key Feature:

  • Total Bedrooms Filter: The TRREB feed now includes a "Total Bedrooms" filter, enabling clients to search for properties based on the total number of bedrooms. This filter enhances property search accuracy and efficiency.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Tailored Property Search: Adding the "Total Bedrooms" filter empowers clients to find properties that align with their specific bedroom requirements. This customization ensures a more precise and satisfactory property search experience.
  • Streamlined Agent Searches: Agents can use the "Total Bedrooms" filter to efficiently search for properties that match specific combinations of bedrooms and bedrooms+. This feature supports agents in identifying properties that meet their clients' preferences.
  • Improved Property Matching: The "Total Bedrooms" filter enhances property matching accuracy, allowing clients and agents to identify listings that fulfill desired bedroom criteria quickly.
  • Enhanced User Satisfaction: By fulfilling numerous requests for this feature, we are enhancing user satisfaction and offering a more comprehensive and user-friendly property search experience.



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