Improved E-mail Template Creator with Formatting Options in CRM

Updated :

We are excited to introduce an improved E-mail Template Creator feature in our CRM, empowering users with greater customization capabilities. This update includes adding formatting options, allowing users to customize the size and font of text when creating e-mail templates. 

Furthermore, we align the e-mail editing toolbar across all CRM sections, ensuring a consistent experience. This update mainly benefits the "Pick listings to send now" functionality, enabling users to format customized notes according to their preferences.

Key Features:

  • Formatting Options: The E-mail Template Creator now includes the ability to customize the size and font of the text. This feature allows users to tailor the visual presentation of their e-mail templates, enhancing their communication's impact.
  • Aligned E-mail Editing Toolbar: The e-mail editing toolbar has been standardized across all CRM sections. This alignment ensures that users have a consistent set of tools available while creating and formatting e-mail templates.
  • Improved "Pick Listings to Send Now": Users can now apply formatting options to customized notes when using the "Pick Listings to Send Now" functionality. This enhancement enables users to create more engaging and personalized content.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Improved Customization: With the addition of formatting options, users have greater control over the appearance of their e-mail templates. This customization contributes to visually appealing and impactful communications.
  • Streamlined Experience: The aligned e-mail editing toolbar simplifies the process of creating and formatting e-mail templates. Users can seamlessly access familiar tools, regardless of the CRM section they are in.
  • Improved Communication: The ability to format customized notes for "Pick Listings to Send Now" allows users to tailor their messages to recipients' preferences, enhancing engagement and response rates.
  • Increased Efficiency: Users can efficiently design e-mail templates with their desired formatting elements, reducing the need for external editing tools and simplifying the communication workflow.



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