Introducing Client Training Courses in CRM Menu

Updated :

We are thrilled to introduce a valuable addition to the client CRM interface – the "Training Courses" menu option. This feature enables agents to access training courses directly from their CRM, providing a seamless and accessible learning experience. 

Key Features:

  • Training Courses Menu: A new "Training Courses" menu option will be available in the client CRM interface. This option will provide direct access to user training courses, fostering continuous learning and skill development.
  • New Course Notifications: When a new training course is added, the menu icon for "Training Courses" will flash to indicate the presence of new content. This dynamic notification ensures that agents are promptly informed about new courses.
  • New Course Labels: Upon expanding the "Training Courses" menu, newly added courses will be labelled as "new" for a duration of 30 days. This labelling system enhances course visibility and encourages agents to explore new content.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Streamlined Learning Experience: The "Training Courses" menu option provides agents with a centralized location to access training materials, enhancing their learning journey and facilitating skill enhancement.
  • Timely Course Discovery: The flashing menu icon and "new" labels make agents immediately aware of newly added courses. This feature encourages agents to explore fresh content and stay up-to-date with the latest training materials.
  • Convenient Access: Agents can directly access training courses from their CRM interface, eliminating the need for additional logins or navigation to external platforms.



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