Twilio 10 DLC Registration Step by Step Process

Updated :

This tutorial will show you how to Register your number through Twilio for 10DLC. 


Step 1. 

 Log in to your Twilio and search for "A2P MESSAGING" ,


Step 2. 

Then click on "Continue Registration", Please note there are fees associated with this registration set in place by Twilio. 


The Fees-

  1. $15 one-time Campaign verification fee
  2. $2 monthly fee per Campaign
  3. $4 one-time fee


Step 3. 

Proceed to register the Brand name for yourself, entering their your name under "Brand Name", Under "Verticle" select Real Estate, Lasty input your Cell Number under "Mobile"

Agree to the terms & proceed with registering, Select "Register"


Step 4. 

You will receive an SMS to your cell phone, please reply with "YES"  on your cellphone, to proceed with registration : 



Step 5. 

Once you verify your mobile device, the screen will update and you will need to click on continue : 


Step 6. 

Campaign registration:

Define A2P brand, in this case, it is the sole proprietor, in the next step we are going to select "create new messaging services "


Step 7.

In the campaign description, you will paste the following message : (see screenshot)

Message to be pasted:

"Mixed campaign - The campaign will cover multiple cases such as Delivery notifications, 2FA and Marketing.

I'm a Real Estate agent reaching out to leads that will sign up on the website.

This campaign will be used to contact my leads that sign up on my real estate website WEBISTE LINK, it will be used to set appointments, talk about listings and answer any questions in regards to listings. It will be a mixed campaign, used for appointment setting, 2FA and marketing."


Step 8.

For the Sample message section, please utilize the sample  messages below : 

Sample message 1 :  (see screenshot) 

"Your Registration Has Been Received for [LeadVisitedUserWebsite].

To continue viewing listings reply "YES"

If you've received this message in error, please respond "STOP" to unsubscribe."



Sample Message 2  : (see screenshot) 

"Good [Morning,Afternoon,Evening] [FirstName]! Thanks for logging onto my site [LeadVisitedUserWebsite] to browse listings.  I am going to set you up to get DAILY updates of NEW LISTINGS by email.  I see you were looking for listings in [MostViewedCity], is your price range [LookedAtPriceRange] and are you looking for [AllPropertyTypes] ?- [UserFirstName]"







Step 9. 

 Please select both Message contents, as per the screenshot below



Step 10. 

 For "How do end users consent to receive messages?" Please input the following :  (see screenshot) 

Please input the following: 

"How do end-users consent to receive messages? (40-2048 characters)

End users opt-in by visiting ENTERWEBSITEURLFORPOPUP HERE, EXAMPLE:  and adding their full name, email, and phone number. Prior to clicking on 'Finish & View Photos' they need to accept the terms of use and privacy policy. Additionally, end users can also opt-out by texting stop."

*Please make sure that the website link takes you directly to the registration pop-up on your website*




Step 11. 

3.7 For the OPT-IN MESSAGE  section, please utilize the example TEXT  below : 


Please utilize the example TEXT  below :

"Your Registration Has Been Received for [LeadVisitedUserWebsite].

To continue viewing listings reply "YES"

If you've received this message in error, please respond "STOP" to unsubscribe."


Step 12. 


The last step is to click "Create " at the bottom of the page & once you click "Create" to confirm the following on this pop-up: 



Step 13. 

On the next page, once we confirm, please select continue (highlighted below)


Step 14. 


Please select the phone number you would like to register, Once you select the number, please click "Register"





Step 15. 

Then, select "Confirm"

Once this is done, and the registration process is completed,  it will take between 3-5 weeks for Twilio to Approve the campaign. 


Step 16 - Checking the status of your Submitted Campaign Registration

Please go to "campaigns" and you will be able to see the "campaign status" as shown below. 



Step 16 - Pool Sharing

Once we have completed the registration please follow these steps for pool sharing: 


  1. Click on campaigns 



Click on the connected messaging service link :




Then select the number you are registering, and click on add senders: 


4. Please have the sender type as phone number and click continue : 



5. Then select the number you are registering :



Once this is done, you have fully completed the setup process: 



For any questions regarding this process, please reach out to our Support Team at




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