Leads removed from email campaigns

What's going on?

On Aug 20th 2014 we ran a script that looks for leads that are on your email listing campaigns and are not looking at any listings.  The criteria of a lead that has had listings stopped is:

In the last 30 days has received over 11 days of listings and during that time they have not looked at any of the listings that were sent to them.

Who are these leads that we stopped sending listings to?

These are leads that are never looking at any of your listings that are being sent out.  Leads that could have stopped looking at listings a long time ago & were never stopped.  These leads are marking your emails as spam and it is causing the overall spam percentage to increase which is not good.

Why did we do all of this?

Our email provider has notified us that the spam ratio from our system is slowly increasing.  What this means is that leads that are getting the emails are marking them as spam.  We asked them for a list of all emails that have marked our emails as spam and 99% of that list were these leads.

A lead which does not want to keep getting your emails or finds them annoying are marked as spam.  When the overall percentage of spam emails increases it harms us as the sender in general.  If we let this get out of hand even legit leads which is majority of your database would not be getting your emails, they would automatically go into spam.

So please note that 99% of these leads that we stopped sending listings to have already marked your emails as spam.

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