Referral Stats - Tracking

Updated :

If you want to track the traffic that's going onto your website with specific campaign names or source names you can easily do this by sending traffic to your website & including the following query string to your URL.


Let's say you are sending traffic from Google AdWords to the homepage of your website & you want to track where the leads come from along with a few other stats like what AdGroups & maybe even what keywords are sending that traffic.  here is what you do:

Let's say your domain name is:

You will add the following after your domain:


That means your link to your website would be like:


What does this do?

When someone registers to your website & becomes your lead, the Log tab in your lead view will contain this info which in tern let's you know which of your advertising campaigns are working.

You can also do this to community pages you create or even pages where you send traffic directly to the search pages. 


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