Understanding Your Live Leads Screen

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The live leads screen is very important in the conversion process for agents.  It will also help you become more productive and allow you to manage your time better.    How does this one screen do so much?  

Well that's simple!

This screen allows you to see which leads in your crm are actively looking at properties on your website. Every time they login it will be updated on this screen.  If a contact is looking every day at listings, then it is a good chance that they are further along in the buying process.  Leads that are only active every couple months are probably in the beginning stages.

Spend more time and attention on those that are more active than those that are not.  Notice how it was said to spend more time, not all of your time.  Even if a lead is not overly active you must stay in contact with them, however the frequency of those calls/emails can be spread further apart.

The Live Lead Screen At A Glance

SECTION 1: Filters

SECTION 2: Lead Information

SECTION 3: Display Options

SECTION 4: Advanced Filters.

The Live Lead Screen At A Glance

For more information regarding the live lead screen, please view Video #3.


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