How will I know Tag Marketing is working?

Updated :

There are a few ways to know if tag marketing is working:

  1. Check in the CRM
    The main way to see that tag marketing is working is by logging into your CRM, on the top menu click on "Tag Marketing".  On that screen you will see how many impressions & clicks you have had on your ad.
  2. You will see your ads
    You will notice your ads across the Internet as your browse websites which have advertisements.  Please note that we also cap the number of times you would see your ad in a day to 3 so that we don't annoy the person seeing your ads.
  3. Your clients/friends/leads will see your ads
    The biggest effect you will get is from friends & clients who personally know you.  They will be telling you & asking you what you are doing and how much you are spending on advertising as they are seeing your ad everywhere.  Please know that for every client you refer to us that signs up, you will get a free month of service up to $50.


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