How to embed a video?

Updated :

Step: 1
Type in the URL:, after which enter in your login ID & password

Step 2: After entering in all the above information, it will bring you to the HOME page of your CRM system. This is what your home page looks like;
Your HOME page will show you the following; Top Menu, Main functions, Actions Tab, Filters Tab, Lead Status Tab

Step 3: Click on the Websites tab on the Top Menu

Step 4: When you click on the Websites tab, now you will be in the back end of your website.

Step 5: The back-end of your CRM will give you the option of making different edits on your website. Here choose the option where you want to insert the video. For example; Why Choose Remax

Here, click on "Content" and then click on "Main-Edit"

Step 6
: Now when you are in the editor, here click on Source

Step 7: 
You will be brought into a new window, where you can paste the link for embedding video

Step 8 : Click on Save and the video has been embedded.


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