How to add my listings from MLS to my website faster?

Updated :

Question: I need the listings that I add to MLS to appear on my website faster, how can I do that?

Answer: This is done via the DTA connection that we have setup. In order for this to be enabled on your website please fill out the DTA agreement form (can be found in your Stratus) and send it to your board. We will get notified by the board once you have been approved for the DTA and we will enable it on your website and notify you as well.

Once this has been enabled on your website you will see the 'Pull My Listings' link appearing in the back-end in your Website management dashboard. So every time after you upload your listing to MLS just come back to your CRM back end and click that link:

If you would like your listings that come from the DTA pull to automatically feature under your "Featured Properties" section, simply go to Global Settings, scrolldown to the bottom, select "Yes" under "Show my listings as featured properties automatically" option, and press "Save" button:

Please note that if you have this option selected AND you don't have any active listings, our system will show default featured properties. That's it you are done. Now every time you add your listings to MLS and pull them into our system, we will automatically display them on your website.


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