How do I access backend of my website?

Your system with AgentLocator is customized in away to have everything in one place only. Its very easy to access back end of your website. You will access the back-end of your website the same way you access your AgentLocator CRM.

Here are the following steps you will take to do so:

Step: 1
Type in the URL:, after which enter in your login ID & password

Step 2: After entering in all the above information, it will bring you to the HOME page of your CRM system. This is what your home page looks like;

Your HOME page will show you the following; Top Menu, Main functions, Actions Tab, Filters Tab, Lead Status Tab

Step 3: Click on the Websites tab on the Top Menu

Step 4: When you click on the Websites tab, now you will be in the back end of your website.

The back-end of your CRM will give you the option of making different edits on your website.

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