How to add title to community pages?

Updated :

If you want to have centralised titles on your community pages, for example;

you can add them by following these instructions;

1. Log in to your CRM

2. Select websites tab at the top of the page.


3. Select the Communities on your left hand side menu


4. Click on the community you want to "title", for example, "Richmond Hill"

Now that you are managing and editing "Richmond Hill" community page. Click on "Top - Edit"

5. After you click on Top -Edit, it will pop up an editor for you, where you can choose all the changes you want.
In this editor, you can align the heading "centre", you can make it bold, you can choose font size, font style, heading style

6. After you have made all the relevant changes, just click on Save

7. You can now click on “View Live Page” at the top of the page to ensure that the page has been titled added correctly.


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