How Do I Cancel My Service(s) with AgentLocator?

Updated :

We at AgentLocator value your business and truly wish to see you succeed.

We do not require any contracts for our clients to sign and all cancellation notifications must be provided to us by email prior to your next billing cycle.  Please note the billing cycle starts on the 1st of each month.  

We require any client who wishes to cancel to notify us by the 15th of the month if you wish to cancel by the next billing cycle.

For example: 

If the cancellation notice is given in on Feb 15th, your service(s) will be canceled before the next billing period.  Thus you will not be charged for the Service(s) on March 1st. 

If the cancellation notice is given in on Feb 16th, your services will not be canceled before the next billing cycle.  Thus you will be charged for the Service(s) on March 1st.  You will not be charged for the Service(s) on April 1st. 

After receiving your cancellation request, one of our cancellation specialists will be reaching out to you, to confirm the cancellation and to find out the reason for the cancellation, as we value any feedback.

Returning Clients: 

If you have canceled and you wish to come back (within 6 months from your cancellation date) we will not bill you a setup fee.  If you do wish to come back and it's over 6 months, you will be billed a setup fee.


Also note, AgentLocator does not issue refunds for any projects which have started.  If you cancel your order before we start working on it we will issue a refund, however, if a draft has been set up and we have started working on your website we are not able to issue any refunds. 

AgentLocator reserves the right to offer refunds, discounts, or other consideration in select circumstances. By giving us your credit card you agree to allow us to charge you all the above mentioned set up fees and your appropriate monthly fees based on your chosen services without having your credit card present until we receive written notice of cancellation in the appropriate timeline. 

Things to Remember:

1.  Don't forget to export your leads from your CRM.  We will save your leads in our CRM for a period of 6 months after you cancel just in case you decide to try working with us again, after 6 months they are deleted.

2.  Don't forget to save or print out your invoices before your CRM account is disabled.

3.  Once we have received your cancellation request and we have canceled your services, you will no longer be able to access your CRM.  


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    Hello, good afternoon. I would like to cancel my service with agent locator and everything connected to the account. Please let me know how to proceed with the cancellation. Thank you. Mauricio Mohrer - 1-786-282-1975

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    Jose Ramirez Bienes Raices

    I am not getting anywhere I like to cancel your services

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