How Do I Cancel My Service(s) with AgentLocator?

Updated :

You will be missed but if it must be, we've made it really easy to cancel.  

Please send an email to the Office Manager Olyvia Ball, with a minimum of  5 days notice before the 1st of the next month.   The Office Manager will be contacting you to confirm the cancellation and to receive any feedback from you.  


If you have cancelled and you wish to come back (within 6 months from your cancellation date) we will not bill you a setup fee.  If you do wish to come back and its over 6 moths, you will be billed a setup fee.

Things to Remember:
1.  Don't forget to export your leads from your CRM.  We will save your leads in our CRM for a period of 6 months after you cancel just in case you decide to try working with us again, after 6 months they are deleted.

2.  Don't forget to save or print out your invoices before your CRM account is disabled.

3.  Once we have received your cancellation request and and we have cancelled your services, your will no longer be able to access your CRM.  


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