How do I add my facebook page on my website?

Updated :

First of all you will need to retrieve the code for your facebook through this link

Click on any of the plugins you want on your website and it will walk you through the process. After the code is retrieved, follow these steps to get facebook on your website.

1. Login to your CRM

2. Click on the Websites tab on menu at top of the page

3. This will bring you to website editing page;

4. But before any of these changes, you need to retrieve the code for your facebook business page. These can be done from here;

5. After you have retrieved the code, click on "Edit Global Settings" on the left hand side menu

6. And insert that code in "Right-Hand-Side-Main" in Edit Global Content and Settings. Be mindful that you insert the code via "Source" button in the editor.

7. After inserting the code, click on Save  and your changes will be saved.


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