How do I add my banner? (Old Platform)

Updated :

1. Log in to your CRM

2. Select websites tab at the top of the page.

3. On the left hand side menu, click on “Edit Global Content and Settings”

4. Now you are in the a new window, here just scroll down till you see "Banner"

5. Click on "Edit" beside it.

6.Now you are in the editor where you can upload the banner.

7. If you have a pre-saved banner, you can upload the banner by following the instructions;
i) First click on the "Image" icon in the web editor
ii) After you click on "Image", it will bring you to a new screen. Here, click on the option of "Upload", then"Browse" and "Send it to Server" and at the end click on "OK"

NOTE: For uploading banners, we suggest the size to be 975 x 275

8. After you have uploaded header for your banner, just click on Save.

9. Your banner has been updated and uploaded on to your website.


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