How Do I Add / Create an Exclusive Listing?

Updated :

Click play below to watch the video tutorial or scroll down for the step by step guide.

Login to your CRM

On the main menu, select Websites and then click on your domain name.

Click on Manage MLS Listings.

Under the Manage MLS Listings page, find the Exclusive Listing section and click on the blue button that reads Add New Exclusive Listing.

Add in all the necessary information about the property.

TIP:  After you have populated all the field, make sure that you choose "Display on Website" and change "Is this exclusive listing?" so that it can appear on "Exclusive Listing Page".  Also remember to select this listing to be featured on your homepage by choose YES from the drop down menu.  These options are the last 3 fields in the right hand column.

NOTE: The property description is at the bottom of the page.  Do not forget this.

When you are finished click on green button which says Add Exclusive Listing at the top.

When you click on Add Exclusive Listing, the screen will refresh and you will now be able to add in property photos by clicking the Choose File button.

It will now open a screen on your computer. Select the correct folder for where your photos are saved and highlight the photos that you will be uploading.  After selecting the appropriate photos, click on Open

NOTE: You can upload multiple photos at a time and they can be selected in any order.

NOTE: If you have several Exclusive listings, please make sure the photos are titled differently not to interfere with each other.

NOTE: You can only upload 30 files at a time and each picture must be less than 2MB. 

The system will now let you know how many files you have selected.  Click on Choose Files if you would like to upload more.  If not click on Upload.

You will now see the uploaded photos.  You now have the ability to sort the photos as you wish.  Each photo is given a numeric value from 0 to ?.  Just give each photo the appropriate number and your photos will be properly sorted.  

To change the sort order of a photo, click on the sort order box and choose the desired order # for the selected photo.  

When you select a new order number, you will see a notification of the new saved order # that photo has.  Continue sorting the remaining photos.

After you are done sorting the property photos, you can close this screen by clicking the Close button in the top right hand corner of the screen.


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