How to I point a domain name to a page on my website?

Updated :

Pointing a new domain name to a page on your website is useful for many different scenarios such as sending traffic to one of your landing pages.  Let's say you have a just listed, just sold or other farming flyers going out and you want to send those that go to your farming domain name to your landing page.  You would follow the steps below to do that.

Forwarding a domain name to a page on your website will have to be done through your domain name registrar (where you registered your domain name)
Below are some of the most common domain name registrars & their instruction on how to forward domain names:

  • GoDaddy
  • Netfirms - We could not find instructions in their support portal but it is possible, please contact netfirms support for more info
  • NameCheap

Video of how to do it


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