Landing Pages - Everything you need to know

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Why use landing pages:
We use landing pages to turn more of our traffic into leads.  Using a simple, easy to use & quick page to capture a visitors information is one of the easiest ways to increase conversion rates.

How to use landing pages:

  1. Pay Per Click
    If you are sending traffic from Pay Per Click campaigns send them directly to your landing page URL, example:, You don't need a unique domain name for this, in fact if you use a domain and redirect that domain name to your landing page, Google will disapprove your ad.

  2. Print Marketing
    If you are doing print marketing then you need to purchase a domain name, something easy to remember.  You will forward that domain name to the page on your website, this will make it easier for the visitor to get to your page.  You don't want to be telling the visitor go to my website then click on the right side home worth page.  You want them going directly to that page when they enter a domain name.

    Learn how to setup domain name forwarding.

    We offer free print ready flyers for you, you can download them from your CRM.

  3. Cold Calling/Door Knocking
    When cold calling or door knocking use the following:

    "A new service was just introduced in your area which let's us keep you informed of house prices in your area automatically.  You would be notified by email every time one of our neighbors put's up their home for sale, the price & all the information about the property would be provided.  Just let me know what your email address is and I will get you setup"

How to I track success of a campaign?
Send in a campaign name to the URL & when a lead enter's their address or submits all their information we will show that as the source of your lead.

Does Tag Marketing work with landing pages?
Yes, your AgentLocator tagging code is automatically installed on all landing pages.


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