How do I change listing search?

Updated :

1. Log in to your CRM

2. Click on the lead on your home page

3. You will be in a new screen with information about the lead

4. Scroll down to “Lead Details”

5. Click on “Email campaigns” under the tab of Lead details

6.Now you are in the "Email Campaigns"  associated with the lead.

7. NOTE: Remember that you need to customize the listings you want to send in accordance to the information gathered through SiteStats of that lead.

8. In the email campaign, click on the button "Change Listing Search"

9. When you click on the button, you will be in new screen where you can make changes to the type of listings sent to your lead.

In this screen you can modify and choose cities, districts, communities, price range, no. of rooms, size etc.

After making all the desired changes, click on "Save & Email" and then click on "Close"

Your prospect has been set up with listings of their interest.


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