How Do I Create or Change My Email Header?

Updated :

Login to your CRM

Under the Emails tab, click on Email Header

You have the ability to enter in a Text or Image Header.  It generally makes more send to use an image/banner for your header.

NOTE: Image Banners should be 900 x 250 in size.

Text Email Header

Type in the content that you would like to use as your header.  

NOTE: Make sure you customize the size, font and color.  

Text Email Header

This is what your text header will look like when a client receives and email.

NOTE: This doesn't look the greatest, so again, it is best to use the image/graphic banner.

Image/Graphic Email Header

To upload an image as your header you will need to have the image saved to your computer already.  Click on the Image uploaded button.

NOTE: Don't worry about it being the right size right now because we can change that, once it has been uploaded.

Image/Graphic Email Header

Another box will appear, click on the Upload tab.

1. Click Browse to find the desired photo to use for the header.

2. After you select the desired file, click on Open.

3. Click on Send it to the Server

Now enter in the width and height and then click on OK.  

TIP: in order to keep these ratios, you may ned to unlock the ratio button.

Now click on Save.

This is what an email will look like when you are finished.


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