How Do I Add / Create a New User

Updated :

You will need to add a new user account when you are creating  a real estate team member or partner.  You may also create an account for a mortgage partner that you work with.  Lastly, you may also create a new user if you have someone specifically dedicated to maintaining your website.

NOTE: If you have an assistant please create an account as though they are an agent.

Login to your CRM

Under the Settings tab click on User Accounts from the drop down menu.

Click on New User Account

Enter in the below information.  The sections highlighted in red a mandatory fields.  Please make sure the email you enter is the email address that your agent checks frequently.  When you are finished entering in all of the information, click Save.

TIP: Even though the Cell Phone field is not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you enter it in that way your agent can receive SMS / text messages whenever they receive a new lead.  

TIP #2:  You have the option to turn off email tracking.  It is defaulted to Active, and it's recommended that leave it to Active.

After you click save, your user account screen will be refreshed. You will see a red note beside your new user, no matter which Type of Account you selected.  

You must contact AgentLocator support at 905-712-1001 to provide us with a signed VOW Form.  If a signed VOM form is not provided for one of your agents, that agent will not have access to the listings!


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