How do I Add / Update / Change My Email Signature?

Updated :

Login to your CRM

Under the Emails tab, click on Email Signature

Click Edit / Create beside the Source Type of your choice.

NOTE: You are able to choose a different signature according to source of the lead.

The signature editing box will now appear.  Enter in whatever information you would like.

If you would like to add in an image to your signature, click on the insert image icon.

NOTE: Repeat this step for any images you would like to add.   It is recommended not to have too many images in your signature.  

TIP #1: Have the image you would like to insert saved to your computer before adding photo.

Click on the Upload Tab.

Once you are on the image upload page. click on Browse and find the selected file from your computer.  After choosing the image, click Send It to The Server.

It will now bring you to the Image Properties Tab.  Click OK if you don't want to make any changes.

You may want to change the Alignment of the photo. Below are the 3 different alignments that you can choose.  For this example we will be choosing the Left Alignment option.

Click Save once you are finished with your changes.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If you are having an issue when you save the signature, please make sure that your signature is less than 4000 characters and that inclues the coding.


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