How Do I Add/Create A New Email Template?

Updated :

Email templates are saved emails that you can keep into your CRM to be reused numerous times.

Log in to your CRM and click on “Emails” tab on top of the page.  From the drop down menu, please select Email Templates.

On the right hand of the screen click on New Saved Email.

Now you must enter in your new emails, Title, Subject and contents.    When you finished please click save at the bottom.  

NOTE: Your email will automatically be defaulted to the Uncategorized category.  If you would like the email to be saved under a campaign ie: Seller's Campaign, then click here for a tutorial.

TIP #1:  The title of the email is for you the agent, the client will not see this name.  

TIP #2: If you would like the email to have personalized information (ie: the leads first name), then use the First Name command.  For more information on commands, click here.

After clicking Save, you will now see the newly saved email in your list, under the category you saved it under.  For this example, i ended up saving the email under my Seller Campaign category.


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