How do I add a new email campaign

Updated :

1. Log in to your CRM

2. In the drop down menu of "Emails" click on "Email Campaigns"

3. This will bring you to a new screen, on the right hand side, click on the orange button “New Campaign”

4. Enter the name of the campaign in the next screen

5. Click on Next

6. You will now need to enter ;
a. name of the email; e.g Email 1, Email 2, Listings Email
b. the action of what you want CRM to do
c. Set the time in minutes of when you want the email to send
d. Select the Email to Send
e. Set what you want the lead status to change to
f. Make sure the status Is set to Active
g. Click on Add New

7. Click Save

8. Repeat step 6 and 7 until all the desired emails are entered in to the campaign

9. Once you have saved the last email, your email campaign is ready to go.

[Please remember that if you want custom emails to be a part of your new campaign. You will need to make new template in "Email" tab]


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