How Do I Create a Support Ticket?

Updated :

There are going to be times that you have a question regarding the system and you are unable to find the answer on Zendesk.  

If you cannot find your answer on Zendesk, the best thing to do next, is to create a support ticket.  

Once a support ticket is created, it will be assigned to one of our support staffers who will respond to you within 24-48hours.  

Login to your CRM.

Click on the Help tab on the right side of your screen.

Step 1: Briefly describe your question.

Step 2: Describe your question in detail.  Please be as specific as possible.

Step 3: Click Submit.

NOTE: Your name and email address are automatically populated.

You will receive an email with your support ticket once it has been submitted.  You will receive a response from our Support Staff via email.


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