Create Brilliant Flash ads, banners and text!

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High Quality banner maker!

  • Easy to use app, 1000+ templates to start from
  • Download as GIF, JPG, PNG and SWF (Flash)
  • Embed in any web page like a YouTube video
  1. Create a free account and then log-in using your account credentials.
screenshot 2.jpg
  • Choose a banner size and modify the included templates or create your own by selecting the "Start from blank" button.
  • Use the edit screen to manipulate the parameters of your banner and when you are satisfied (select "Play" to test your banner) click the "Save & Publish" button located on the top right of the screen.
screenshot 3.jpg
  • Name your banner
  • Saving....... once complete, the window below will be displayed
  • Click on the "Embed" code box and you will then be presented with an activate screen as seen below
  • You have two choices: "Use Free" places a watermark on the bottom of the banner or "NEXT" to select a paid premium plan
  • Whichever option you choose it will bring you back to the previous screen which you will then select the "Embed" code option where you will double click inside the white Embed code box (outlined in in red) and paste this in your Global Content - RightSideMain at the very top of your code window
screenshot 6.jpg
  • Once the code has been pasted and you have saved the page you should be good-2-go!
  • If something went wrong just start from the top of this page and carefully follow all the steps, I believe you can do this!
  • If things really go awry then you can always call support because hey, that's what we're here for!


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