How Do I Add Meta Tags & Descriptions To My Website?

Updated :
Legacy Websites

New Platform Websites

When agents get on our platform, we do give them the capability to add their own tags of choosing to their websites.

NOTE: Be mindful that different pages on your website have the capability to be tagged different but if you just want one place to be tagged, choose the "Home" page

1. Login to your CRM


Under the Website tab, click on the domain name you would like to add tags to.



NOTE: You may only see one domain name, this is all dependent on how many websites you have with AgentLocator.

Click on Use in Website Editor.


NOTE: If you are using a different version of the website platform, please use these instructions.

Select the page you would like to add tags to.

For this example, we will be doing the Toronto Homes page under the Community Search page.


On the bottom left corner of the page, click on Page Settings.


Now enter in the Meta Description and Keywords.  When you are done click on Save at the top.





The character limit for the Meta Description is 120 (including spaces).

The character limit for the Meta Keywords is 4000 (including spaces).

You're All Done!


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