How to Add Social Media Buttons to Your Signature

Updated :

Your email signature is like another business card so you may want to add in your Social Media account links.  

NOTE #1: You should only add social media buttons into your signature if you have a social media accounts.  

NOTE #2: If you have an UNBRANDED site, I would suggested linking it to a social media account for the unbranded site.

Login to your CRM

Under the Emails tab, click on Email Signature

Click Edit for the signature you would like to make changes to.

Now you need to open up another web browser, so we can find a Facebook Icon image that you would like to use.  To find an icon, you can use google and use any search criteria that you want ie: Facebook Logo

NOTE: You can use these same steps to add a Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc link to your signature.  The only difference will be the image URL

Click on the image you like and then click on View Image.

Now copy the URL of the image you have chosen.  In order to copy the URL right click on your mouse and select Copy.

Now you are going to go back into your email signature screen and insert/add the image by using it's URL.   To do this click on the Insert Image icon.

Select the URL box, and right click and click on Paste.  The image URL will appear in the URL box.  

Now you will want to change the image size so it is not so large. Click on the box under the Width and change it to a smaller number.  For this example I will be changing the width to 100.    

NOTE: Your Width and Height size may be different from the examples, that is okay.  You can play with the sizing until you find something that you like.

With the Image Properties screen still open, click on the Link tab.

In the URL box, enter the Facebook link for your profile page. Under the target drop down menu select what you would like to happen when your contact clicks on the select.  For this example we will be setting it to New Window.  Click OK when you are done to save your image and link.


You're all done!  

NOTE: Repeat this process for each social media account you would like to add into your signature.


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