Why is my email firstname.lastname@crm.agentlocator.ca?

Updated :

In order to prevent emails going into the spam we have decided to invest into a mail system that sends out email from our servers and our email addresses.  This means, when our CRM system sends out an email it will go out from firstname.lastname@crm.agentlocator.ca however, when a client responds to this email we forward the response to the email we have on file for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Why do you do this?  Why can't we just use myemail@mydomainname.com
Answer: The main reason we decided to invest into an email system is because of spam issues.  When we send out an email from our system and show it as if your email server sent it out, many spam systems catch this and consider the email to be spam.

Question: I want to make your system send out emails from my email so what do I have to do?
Answer:  We have the ability to specify new mail servers for sending emails out however many email servers do not allow this functionality.  Please contact your email provider and get the following info:

1.  SMPT Server IP
2.  SMTP Server Port
3.  SMTP Server Username
4.  SMTP Server Password
5.  Find out if server requires sending out emails through a secure port or not.


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