How To Create a Link That Opens In Another Window/Tab

Updated :

You may want to have links on your website that link to other websites.  If you create a basic link, the link will open in the same screen.  In order to ensure your website visitors stay on your website, you can create links that will open up another window.

With your CRM open, please turn on your website editor.  Click here if you are unsure how to do it.

Now find the page/subpage that the link you would like to change is on.   Once you find the page, click on the Content Editor on the right hand side of your screen.

Highlight the text/image/object, you will be using to create the link.  Next click  on the "Create Link" button.

Type the URL address you would like to link the text/image/object to in the URL box.  

Next click on the Target Tab and then select New Window in the drop down menu.  Lastly click on OK.

Click outside of the content box to save your changes.  And you're done!


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