How To Manually Assign Leads to Another Team Member

Updated :

As a team leader you may be assigning leads to a team member.  You can either use the Round Robin option (leads automatically assigned by the system) or you can manually assign a lead to a team member/ another account user.

To manually assign a lead, login to your CRM system.  

NOTE: Only Team Leaders or those users with Admin rights have the ability to assign leads.

Select the lead you would like to assign to another team member.

NOTE: Notice that the owner for our lead is Rhea Ramprashad.

Under the Lead Details section, click on Details

Double click on the name in Lead Owner and select the agent's name who you would like to assign the lead to.  In this example the lead will be assigned to Adam Sawyer.

Now click on Home to return back to the homepage.

Notice how the owner name has been changed from Rhea Ramprashad to Adam Sawyer.


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