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In order to continue making any changes to use website, you must make sure that you are using the Website Editor.

Website Themes and Colors

You have the option once your website has been designed to make small changes with the themes or to different parts of the content on your website ie: links.  The changes you have access to is to alter the colours.  


SECTION 1: Navigation

SECTION 2: Content Editor

SECTION 3: Widget Editor

Website Themes and Colors

Navigation - Themes

For the themes coloring, we have pre-made colour choices.   You may choose one of these if you would like and if you do, make sure to click save at the bottom.  You are also able to change the width of the website if you would like.  I recommend you keep the Website Width as it is.

Navigation - Themes

Navigation - Top

If you would prefer to further categorize the colours of the website please click on the section Top.  You can directly modify each section.  For this example we will change the Top Bar Background.  The process is the same for each category.  

Navigation - Top

Top Navigation Areas of Customization

SECTION 1: Top Bar Background - Light Blue

SECTION 2: Account Links Text - Yellow Font

SECTION 3: Menu Background - Darker Blue

SECTION 4: Menu Text - White Font

Click on the white box below the Top Bar Background. Next depending on the color selection you would like you must move the arrows up or down.  For this selection we will be choosing a pink color.  After choosing the pink section, by moving the arrows up, I will now select the pink color I would like to use by moving the circle around in the box to the left.  Click preview once you are done selecting.  If you do not like the color you have chosen please choose a different color.  If you are satisfied, then click Save.

TIP: If you are unsure of what item you are changing, a good idea is to first the color Yellow for a section and click preview to see what changed.

Navigation - Content

The content section will just be changing the Navigation tabs you see on the page. You can also see the different colors by the search bar.

SECTION 1: Primary Color - Red

SECTION 2: Primary Color Darker Shade - Darker Teal

SECTION 3: Secondary Color - Green

SECTION 4: Secondary Color Darker Shade - Orange

Navigation - Content

Navigation -Footer

Below will show you where these changes will be reflected on your website.

SECTION 1: Social Media Bar Background - Royal Blue

SECTION 2: Footer Background - Teal

SECTION 3: Footer Text Color - white

Navigation -Footer

Content Editor

If you are on a specific page and would like to make changes to the content on the page, you can use the Content Editor.  Please select the page you would like to revise, using the menu bar. Now turn on the Content Editor by click on the button to the right of your website.


Content Editor

You will see your page now has boxes around the content on your page.  Highlight the content you would like to change.  For this example, we will be changing the color of the title to "Blue".

After highlight the text you would like to change click on Font color button, select your new color.  A pop-up box will appear and ask you if you would like to save changes.  Click yes if you are happy with the change.


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