Featured Properties / Listings Troubleshooting

Updated :

If you have a listing that you would like to be a featured property on your site and you have entered in the MLS # (under the Featured Property Section of the Manage MLS Listings) and it is still not showing up please follow these steps.

Login to your CRM

Click on Websites and then your domain name.

Click on Manage MLS Listings

Click on Manage beside "Permission to Advertise Listings"

NOTE: The "Permission to Advertise" is not available for DDF websites.  If you are on DDF, please contact support with your board membership ID.

NOTE: The MLS # you will be inputting here must also be in the Featured Listings section as well.  For instructions on how to add it to the Featured Listings click here.

Enter in the MLS # and then click Save.  

TIP:  If you are entering more than one MLS # please separate the #s with a comma

After you save the MLS #, below the box you will see the URL of where the system has found the listings.  

NOTE: If the Listing is no longer active, under the box it will say NOT FOUND.

If everything went well, you will see the listing under your Featured Listings section.


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