How Does Tag Marketing Work?

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The first step to understanding Tag marketing is to visit our website and watch the video we have posted.


Who Gets Tagged and How??
When your website is tagged with a piece of code we provide you with, all the visitors that visit your website are tagged and there for will start seeing your advertising all around the Internet.

Where Will My Ads Appear?
Your ads will appear on websites and phone apps that support Google Ads. This includes popular sites like Kijiji and With such extensive coverage, your ads will be visible on a wide range of online platforms, ensuring a broad reach across the Internet.

What’s Good to Have on My Ad?
Tag marketing is great for branding.  You should have your picture, phone number and any branding elements you use.

What Is the Optimal Tag Marketing Package for Me?
Most clients should be good with the smallest package we have at $40/mo*. The only time we'd suggest going with a higher package is when you have hundreds of visitors going to your website every month.

*or $50/mo with no discount.



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