What is a Partial Lead?

Updated :

Partial leads are leads who did not fill out all of the information required.  The system will still input that person as a lead although you dont have full information on them.

For example, let's imagine you have a website visitor whom sees the Nosy Neighbour widget and clicks on it.

They are requested to fill out their street address and they do so.  After clicking submit they are sent to Step 2 in the registration process.

They are now asked to fill out more information about their home and themselves.  If they do not continue and fill and submit this information, they will be collected as a Partial Lead.

Just a Quick Statistic For You

For every 10 prospects that go to your Street Match landing page, 3-6 of them will enter in their address.

Out of those 3-6 prospects, 1-4 of them will give you 100% of the information you are asking for.

Just a Quick Statistic For You

NOTE: For more information on how you can view the partial lead, click here.


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