How to Create / Add a New Community Search Page

Updated :

With your website you have the ability to create addition community subpages with the search listing options.  You may want to do this if you are targeting certain sections of a community or if you have a certain school district that you work in.  

To get started, login to your backend system.

NOTE:  For this example we will be creating a page called Oakville Homes that will be placed under my Communities Section.  For this example we will be creating a page called Oakville Homes that will be placed under my Communities Section.

Click on Websites and then your domain name.


Click Use in Website Editor.  Another website browser tab will open up with your website.  Please close this tab.


Click on the Community page on the left side of the screen.

Click on Add New Subpage

Now add in the Menu Name & Title.

NOTE: The menu name is the name that will show up on the menu on your website

NOTE: The title is the name that will show up in the tab of the web browser.


Next select Community from the Theme Template.


Click on Save when you are done.

Click on View Live Page

Now you have created a new community page..Congratulations!!  You may have noticed that when you go to that page, the results are for all the active listings available and are not specified to any particular area.

To fix this, please click on Select Listings.

NOTE: If you do not see the Select Listings button, it means you did not turn on the Website editor in Step 3.

A new page will appear to select your search criteria.  For this example we will just tailor the search to listings in Oakville.

Click on City on the right hand side of your screen and then type in the city name you would like to search.  Now click on Add Filter

As you can see the results have dramatically decreased.  Before saving this criteria, we will be adding in another filter, to filter out rentals.

To do this, click on For Sale/For Rent on the right hand side and click on Save and Add Filter.  You can add in as many filters as you would like for your page.  Therefore continue selecting the desired filters from the right hand side.  When you have finished selecting your filters, click Save This Criteria.

After selecting Save This Criteria, your website page will refresh/reload.  

Please note that you can use as many filters as you would like.

NOTE: If you are using the community filter more than once, you will not be able to refine a search on that community page on your site.  Instead it is highly recommended that you use the polygon filter, if you need to select more than one geographical area.


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