How to Change My Picture

Updated :

You have the ability to have picture on the left side of the slideshow.  If you prefer not to have your picture on the slideshow, you do not have to.

NOTE: There are 2 different slideshows built into the system.  One is for the Home Page and the other is for all the other pages of your site and those pages are referred to as the InnerPages.


In order to make changes to your picture, you will need to login to your website editor and turn your editing widget on. Once your editor is on, click on HeaderHomepage Settings.

NOTE: if you would like to change your picture on the slideshow that is on the innerpage, you must first click on one of the inner pages and then click on HeaderInnerPages Settings.

Add Agent Head Shot to Slideshow as a Fixed Picture

You have the ability to add your picture as a fixed image in the bottom left corner for the slideshow.

If you will be changing and/or adding your slideshow pictures, click on the settings button.  For this example I will be editing the Header HomePage slideshow.  

NOTE: The same instructions are to be used if you are changing the pictures for the Homepage or the InnerPages.


Add Agent Head Shot to Slideshow as a Fixed Picture

To add your picture in click on Select New Image in the first picture slot.  

Your image gallery will now open up.  Click on Your Images.  All images you have previously uploaded will be showcased to the right.


If this is a new image you are adding, click Browse under the Upload New box.  The File Upload screen will now appear. Please find the picture on your computer and click the Open button.  If you are going to use an image you previously uploaded, then click onSelect Image button that is beside the desired image.

You will now see that your newly uploaded image is now available to select from your image gallery.  Please click on Select Image.


Make sure you click on Save & Refresh to save your changes.



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