Calling / Buyer Script

Updated :

Working on leads that you got from your website is sometimes hard as you may not know what to say to them.  Here are a few tips & tricks you need to know before you call a lead.

If you have lead generation enabled which forces lead to enter their info in order for them to continue to browse properties.  Know that when you call them it's going to be a surprise.  This means they have entered their info only because they have to not because they are asking you to call them.


#1 - Check to see what they looked at.

Our CRM system allows you to see all the properties your lead has looked at.  Go to the activity tab and take a look.



#2 - Once you have reviewed what they have looked at it's time to give them a call.

  • Hi [Name], this is Agent calling from  I noticed that you were on my website today and looking at condos in Brampton.
  • I want to do you a favour which is completely free and has absolutely no obligation, I know that it's sometimes hard to keep looking at listings on a website so I wanted to get you setup on our daily email that sends you listings every day new ones come out in the area you are looking to buy.  Would that be OK with you?

  • If they say yes:
    Great, let me ask you a few questions to make sure you are getting the right listings:  Ask all the questions that you need to set them up on a proper prospect match.

  • If they say no:
    Tell them:  Tell you what, I understand you are probably not looking to speak to any real estate agents at this time and that's completely understandable.  I will set you up on a broad search based on what you looked at on my website and if you need to you can contact me back by email.







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