What is AgentLocator's Email Permission Policy?

Updated :

AgentLocator allows importing leads into your CRM for your own use.  These are the rules you agreed to follow upon importing those leads:


Who you can email

In order to comply with Canadian & US spam laws every email address you send emails to from our system must be permission based.

There are two types of permissions you could have:

  • Express Permission is when the lead has opted in and accepted receiving emails from you.  Here are some examples of explicit permissions:
    • Double opt-in:  The person received an email from you requesting that they verify their email address and accept receiving emails from you.
    • Website Registration:  Someone who registers to your website and requests to receive emails from you.
    • Newsletter, mailing list registrations:  Those who register with the intent of getting on your mailing lists.

  • Implied Permission is when you have a client/customer relationship.  Here are some examples of implicit permissions:
    • Exchange of business cards.
    • A verbal request.
    • A contest collection at trade shows.

Who you can not email

Sending out spam emails is no allowed.  Here is what defines a spam email:



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