What AgentLocator is doing to get Express Consent

Updated :

It is important that we get Express consent from all website visitors, below are the few ways we will be getting Express Consent.

Website Signups
Every visitor that registers on your website has provided implied permission.  Our registration system goes through a double opt-in request asking the visitor to verify their account either through Email Address or through an SMS message to their cell phone after their registration.

  • Email/Phone # verified through double opt-in
    Every lead that has gone through this double opt-in method has given express consent and will be marked in your CRM as such.

  • Email/Phone # not verified
    If a lead does not validate their email address or cell phone number you can tread that lead as implied permission.  Feel free to set the lead up on automated listings as the system that sends them listings will also ask for their express consent as they start looking through listings.

    When the visitor comes back to your website we will at certain points trigger consent questions as they browse through the website.

So most if not all of your visitors will be taken care of through our automated system requesting them to accept express consent.  You can continue working your leads as you normally do without any change in your daily routine.

Leads you add in manually

All leads either imported or manually added to our CRM must be permission based.  This means you must have either implied or express permission in order to add the lead.

When a lead is imported the default "Email Permission" that's set is set to "Implied".  To update this to Express permission please follow these steps:

  1. View the lead you need to update in your CRM.
  2. Click on the "Details" tab.
  3. Double click on the "Implied" title beside "Email Permissions" and select "Express"

The date you updated permissions from Implied to Express will be logged both in the Notes and in the "Email Permission Last Updated"

Getting Express Permission

There are several ways to get express permission.  Emailing and asking, if you assign a lead to get listings they will automatically be asked for permission as they view listings, verbal where you confirm with them over the phone or in person that they understand they will get email communication.

If Express Consent is received through our automated means we will make a note in your CRM.  If you get consent in person or over the phone please be sure to make a note in the CRM.


Is there an email template that I can use for this?

Yes, we have setup an email template that you can email to your existing contacts. You can download this template when you log into your CRM. Click on Emails->Email Templates->Install New Emails and select "CASL" from the list that you see.



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